Snap into CAGEMASK

CAGEMASK is a reusable, washable shield, available in two-layer fabric or clear polypropelene.  CAGEMASK is easily attached to the protective cage of a sports helmet with elastic and non-elastic straps ensuring a snug fit against the inside of the cage. Unlike face masks CAGEMASK offers athletes who use a protective helmet with a cage a mask consistent with current CDC guidance that does not inhibit breathing or performance.

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Consistent with current CDC guidance, the clear polypropylene prevents the spread of viral respiratory droplets from the wearer. Both layers of the mask are designed to be easily wiped dry of excess moisture to assist in airflow without incurring the time involved in changing the mask mid-game or mid-practice.

CAGEMASK’s unique stretchable mask and straps easily attach to a variety of cage designs and allow the protective helmet to be easily grabbed and carried naturally.

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CAGEMASK easily attaches to the inside of the cage so as not impair or change the approved cage designs.

The stretch design also reduces the risk of injury of another player’s finger(s) from being caught between the cage and mask.