About Us


Dr. Keith S. Hechtman, CAGEMASK Founder

“The CAGEMASK is designed to minimize droplet transmission, but still allow high-performance athletes to breathe easily when wearing a helmet equipped with a CAGEMASK.”

Dr. Keith Hechtman is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon specializing in sports medicine. He is a founding member of the UHZ Sports Medicine Institute and the Miami Anatomic Research Center. Dr. Hechtman served as an orthopedic surgeon in the U.S. Army and was a volunteer physician for the Olympics. For 32 years, Dr. Hechtman has served as head team physician for top tier intercollegiate athletic programs.

Dr. Hechtman partnered with Brad Rosenblatt, owner and CEO of Rene Ruiz Wholesale Inc. and the brand Rene Ruiz Collection to manufacture CAGEMASKs for distribution to high school, college, and professional athletic programs across the country.

Covid-19 Health Concerns Require New Safety Measures for Athletes

CAGEMASK was developed with the goal of getting athletes safely back on the field. It was created by Dr. Hechtman and his team who recognize the importance of safety first. That is why CAGEMASK should become a crucial part of any athletic program. Dr. Hechtman partnered with clothing manufacturing industry experts to ensure that CAGEMASK can be distributed as soon as possible in a world where supply chains for safety items have been drastically stretched.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a “new normal.” We have had to rethink routine activities, including sports. Current science indicates that the viral spread is significantly reduced by wearing a mask. For performance athletes, wearing a form-fitting mask is challenging if not impossible. Now athletes who use a protective helmet with a cage have a new option.

Meet the CAGEMASK: a reusable, washable spit shield, which easily attaches to the protective cage with elastic straps ensuring a snug fit against the inside of the cage. Since the CAGEMASK is attached to the cage as opposed to the face, athletes are able to breath in air more freely thus reducing the challenges associated with playing competitive sports in the midst of a pandemic.